“it’s hard to imagine yet another cover of ‘hallelujah’ making an impact, but the arrangement and delivery by hughes and bassist michael galeazzi was overwhelmingly good.” judy barrass, critical mass

“exceptionally well-crafted…***1/2 out of ****” michael giltz, huffingtonpost.com

“…exquisitely delivered” david finkle, theatermania.com

“…exudes a narrative that makes it more than just a collection of covers.” kimberley lew, emergingmt.blogspot.com

“part homage, part flight of fancy… you will swoon and not be embarrassed about it.” dan cooper, usa unveiledarts

“(hughes) more than embodies the energy that one expects from an evening of Cohen.” amber gallery, nytheatre.com

“an incredible ability to hold the stage…” nell schofield

“sensual, enigmatic… intense warmth, startling range.” veronica hanlon, aus SXNews