wow... well, i've just come up for air after our first tour of USA and Canada...
thank you SO MUCH to all the beautiful people who came to see our shows, brought people along, supported us in myriad ways, hosted house concerts, greeted patrons, wrangled stages, loaned us a vehicle, housed us, fed us, transported us, and let me steal your fur-baby while i lived with you!! we had a brilliant time with you, and we feel so lucky to share this work with people on the other side of the world!!

thank you ESPECIALLY to our TEAM OF ANGELS who helped to fertilize this tour by sharing their hard earned dollars with us through the Australian Cultural Fund, and also at our 'Cohen, Cocktails & Canapes' event in Sydney back in May. your generous and kind support made the hugest difference to our capacity to manifest a dream into reality. thank you, so much.

SO - news is that WE'LL PLAY IN NYC AGAIN LATER THIS YEAR!! i'm planning our return in the fall, and will keep you posted here and via newsletter - if you're not on my mailing list, click on 'SAY HI' in the top right corner and i'll add you xoxox

stay cool xxx ali

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